How to Access Passive Candidates

Reaching passive candidates for new jobs and finding potential candidates who are not looking for a job is an extremely important process. Human Resources and recruitment professionals should take steps to research and engage with passive candidates. The following steps can be taken to reach and engage with passive candidates:

Use Social Media:

It is possible to reach passive candidates using two of the most important social media channels, Twitter and Facebook. You can get the chance to reach passive candidates by using hashtags on these platforms with billions of users. For example, for a content manager, you can browse the posts of a hashtag like #contentmarketing. You can also find some professionals by following passive candidates who catch your attention and joining Twitter chats. You can also use platforms like Instagram, Reddit and Snapchat. You can also easily find passive candidates through Linkedin, which is one of the most actively used platforms especially for recruitment. Here you can join groups related to the job position you are looking for and meet many passive candidates.

Review Portfolios on Online Platforms:

Sites like Behance and Dribble are portfolios of people showcasing their work. By spending time on such platforms, you can view many talented professionals. You can also find many passive candidates with the right qualifications for the job position you need.

You can meet them in person:

Although the world is now built entirely on the internet, it is still possible to make many connections through face-to-face meetings. For example, you can meet many professionals by attending various events, fairs, conferences and meetings related to your field of work. It is common to make business contacts at such events. Here you can meet the passive candidate you need and add them to your team as a new colleague for your company. Also, in face-to-face meetings you have more chances to find out if people would be interested in a new job. It can be easier to find out whether they are happy in their current company or not.

Use Your Connections to Reach Passive Candidates:

When a company needs someone for a position, often trusted employees of the company recommend some professionals they know. The names suggested by the trusted names of the company are also taken into consideration. In order to find the necessary professionals for your company, you can ask for recommendations from your colleagues who are in your team and whom you trust. Thus, they will direct their trusted friends to work with you and those who are not happy where they work will definitely want to come to the interview. Using contacts for the company can be a very efficient way to reach passive candidates.

You can use the Human Resources Database:

Candidates who have previously applied to work for your company but were rejected may be the best candidates for the future. You can re-evaluate the CVs of candidates who have previously applied for a job in your company and re-interview those who have the right qualifications.

You can access passive candidates using the methods listed above. Then, you need to pay attention to some issues to establish the right communication with them. First of all, an honest and simple approach should be shown. If necessary, a little insistence that does not exceed the dose will not hurt. This can also be an indication of your seriousness. It will be useful to communicate with your personalized email address instead of crowdsourcing email addresses. Considering that passive candidates are candidates who are satisfied with their jobs, it is necessary to offer a sincerity that will gain their trust… In this way, you can attract the attention of passive candidates and then you should be able to clearly explain to them why you should work together… Accessing passive candidates and turning them into new teammates for your business is a process that develops much differently than active candidates. For this reason, the experience of recruiters also plays a big role…

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