Top 7 Tips About Recruiting in the Technology Industry: What Works and What Doesn’t

Recruiting in the technology industry is challenging because it’t hyper-competitive, fast-paced and driven by innovation. To stand out from other employers, you need to think differently about how and where you source candidates, what job ads work best for your company and how to sell your company culture to prospective employees. If you work at a tech company or plan to recruit in this field, read on for top tips about recruiting in the technology industry. The technology sector is booming with plenty of opportunities for professionals with the right skillsets. However, as this industry is so competitive, it’s important that you know exactly what strategies will help you to find the very best talent available.

Create a strong company culture

When it comes to recruiting, nothing is more important than culture. And many companies get it completely wrong. They think about hiring the ‘best’ people and assume that will create a great culture. But what they don’t do is define what that culture is. A great example of a company that has got this right is Zendesk. Zendesk is a company that has built their brand on having a “no red tape”, “no HR” culture. They tell people up front that they have a very flat organization with few levels of management between employees and the CEO. They also let candidates know that they have a very open culture. If employees have ideas, they can just do them.

Be transparent with your hiring process

In order to attract the very best talent, it is crucial to be transparent with your hiring process. Candidates want to know how long it will take to get hired, what steps they need to take and who exactly they need to speak to. If you have an open, collaborative culture, then this should be a two-way process, with prospective employees having the opportunity to ask you questions. For example, if you are hiring. You can publish a job description with a company blog post that asks candidates to submit their questions. You can also make your hiring process visible on social media channels or your career website. You can even let candidates know what the next steps in the hiring process are by publishing hiring status updates.

Be selective about where you recruit

You might have a ton of job postings up on all the usual places, but if you aren’t being selective about where you recruit, you could be missing out on high-quality candidates. It’s important to consider where your best employees are coming from. And then focus your recruiting efforts on those channels. It’s also worth considering where your top competitors are recruiting. If they are getting the best talent out there, then it’s time to branch out and look for candidates in different places.

Don’t rely solely on job ads to find talent

Employers often place job ads on online job boards, but don’t solely rely on these to find qualified candidates. Instead, think outside the box when it comes to finding potential employees. You can use social media to invite people to submit their resumes or apply for a job. And don’t be shy about asking employees to refer their friends.

Utilize technology to enhance your recruiting efforts

Technology has come so far that you can use software to screen candidates, track your hiring progress and even give your hiring managers autonomy over their hiring decisions. If you have a large number of job applications to sift through, you can use AI screening software to help you find the candidates most likely to be successful. For example, you can use an AI screening tool to help you select candidates from a large number of applications that meet your basic qualifications. Once you’ve selected them, you can then go through the applications and filter them based on the type of experience they have, what languages they speak and the level of education they have. This will help you to go through a large amount of applications much more quickly.

Utilise social media as a tool

Social media isn’t just for posting cute cat videos. You can use it to help with your recruiting efforts. It’s certainly not a one-way conversation. For example, if you want to find out what people think of your company, you can ask them. You can also use social media as a tool to advertise job openings and let candidates know more about your company culture. You can also use social media to stay in touch with candidates after they apply for a job. If you have a job opening, you can ask candidates to follow you on social media to stay in touch with your company.

Don’t forget to think globally

Yes, we know you want to attract the best talent, but that may not be in your backyard. You can find high-quality candidates from other countries by thinking about where your competitors are hiring from and then targeting your recruiting efforts accordingly. For example, if you are in the tech industry and are hiring for your sales team, you may want to focus on hiring for your North American market first. But you should also consider hiring for Asia and Europe at the same time. That way, you are likely to find the very best candidates. And there are many ways to find qualified candidates outside your country. For example, you can use employee referral programs to get your current employees to recommend people they know.


Finding the right candidates is challenging, especially at senior levels. To stand out from other employers, you will need to think differently about how and where you source candidates, what job ads work best for your company and how to sell your company culture to prospective employees. Having a strong company culture is crucial, and it pays to be transparent with your hiring process. You should also be selective about where you recruit, but don’t rely solely on job ads to find talent. There are many ways to find highly qualified candidates at all levels, whether they are in your country or not. Technology can be used to enhance your recruiting efforts, and social media can be used as a tool to attract candidates. By thinking globally, you can find the very best candidates for your tech company.

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