6 Useful Platforms for Employers to Improve Their Business

There have been many innovations and developments in recruitment in recent years. We can say that recruitment tools and practices have also led to the rapid development of HR. In order to keep up with the developments in the sector, many blogs, podcasts or newsletters that share current developments and information are actively broadcasting. We have compiled 5 of these platforms for you… 5 important platforms that will be extremely useful for recruiters:

Recruiting Brainfood:

Recruitment expert Hung Lee created the weekly TA newsletter Recruiting Brainfood in October 2016. After more than 127 editions (and more than 10,000 subscribers), Recruiting Brainfood is now a community for recruiting practitioners worldwide and is spreading rapidly. What makes this community special is how active the audience is in polls and chats. This is a server that makes a concerted effort to break the fourth wall, accepting new members and never letting a comment get lost in the internet void.

Recruiting Subreddit:

Subjects of Reddit open up almost every topic known to mankind. Whatever interests you, a subgroup that cares about it can probably be found on the subreddit. The Recruiting subreddit is a great forum to get feedback or ask questions.

HR Open Source:

HR Open Source is a global community of practitioners who believe that collaboration is the key to preparing organizations for the future of work. Simply put, it makes it easy to access the peers and resources needed to thrive. Practically, this means that you join the community via their website or Facebook and then you can read case studies or ‘Sparks’, take surveys, talk to colleagues and even buy. Founded in 2015, the people behind HR Open Source are two impressive recruiters you may have seen on the conference circuit. Lars Schmidt, founder of Amplify Talent, and Ambrosia Vertesi, VP of Duo. The data they gathered from real practitioners at HR Open Source about how their teams are engaging with and budgeting for technology is extremely insightful.

Evil HR Lady:

Suzanne Lucas has chosen the name Evil HR Lady to challenge the prevailing stereotype that HR people are tough and emotionless corporate thugs. Behind the scenes in HR, the blog often reveals much more than the general population of employees and management know. Susanne publishes a mix of relevant articles from around the web, original content and other resources such as webinars.

Ask A Manager:

Alison Green started this website in 2007 and has since written a book and produced a podcast covering the management of all things HR and Recruitment. The blog is not specific to HR and Recruitment, but most of the questions cover related material. With usually three or more posts a day you can always find something new to read.

Mr. Corporate Life:

Mr. Corporate Life brings a different perspective to corporate life with nearly 20 years of professional experience. Mr. Corporate Life, while seeking answers to questions about corporate life, tries to bring you closer to the concepts there. Aiming to develop you in 6 main topics, Mr. Corporate Life implements seminar/workshop activities for professionals of all ages to reach the best version of themselves.

From the beginning of professional life to effective communication and posture with the Explorer, to be aware of your own power with the principle of You are Unique, to overcome corporate challenges in the workplace with Victory is Yours, to be inspired in innovation culture with the Inventor, from teamwork to presentation techniques with You are the Stage, and with 360 Degrees You, it aims to increase the quality of business relationships that professionals need most, and to make them effective and productive.

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